NBA players show off their bubble food, which is drawing Fyre Fest comparisons

Liz Roscher
·3 min read

The NBA restart is three weeks away, and NBA players have started their entry into the highly anticipated bubble at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. We’re getting our first snapshots of what life will be like as they play, eat and generally live their lives in a resort-turned-NBA family camp.

The first snapshots are in, and the verdict is: yikes. Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets and Chris Chiozza of the Brooklyn Nets shared parts of their first meal in the bubble, and the reviews are not good!

Daniels shared an unboxed photo of the appetizer portion of the meal, which contains a mixed greens and watermelon salad, a roll, and several snack bags of chips.

Chiozza’s photo showed the watermelon salad out and ready to eat along with an entree that appears to be Italian chicken in natural jus, plain pasta, and some polenta (judging by a photo of the menu).

It looks, well, kind of sad. Not inedible by any stretch, but certainly not what NBA players are likely used to. That chicken looks especially dry. Where is the promised jus? It’s just crying out for any kind of sauce.

The pictures of this very “corporate retreat boxed lunch” food inevitably drew comparisons to the infamous Fyre Festival food photo, the gold standard of both disaster fiascos and overpromising/underdelivering.

These comparisons aren’t exactly fair, though. The food looks sad and unappetizing, but it’s not even close to Fyre Fest food, which was literally two pieces of bread, a pile of lettuce and tomato, and two slices of cheese slapped into a styrofoam container.

If NBA players were being served that, there’d be a whole lot more uproar and fewer Instagram stories with the cry-laughing emoji.

If you’re starting to worry that NBA players are going starve in the bubble, you shouldn’t. This is isolation food, since NBA players are required to self-isolate until they get two negative COVID-19 tests within 24 hours.

The food is supposed to get better once they’re out of isolation, but Twitter will obviously be the judge of that.

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