NBA MVP Joel Embiid couldn’t start at Central Florida prep powerhouse

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Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid may have just been awarded the NBA’s MVP, but he wasn’t even good enough to start as a high school player in Central Florida.

Specifically, he wasn’t good enough to start at national private school powerhouse Montverde Academy on the outskirts of Orlando.

“I’m like Dean Smith was with Michael Jordan,” Montverde Academy coach Kevin Boyle cracked Wednesday. “I’m the only guy who could hold down Joel Embiid.”

Actually, Embiid had only been playing basketball for a year and was a raw 16-year-old from the African nation of Cameroon when he showed up at talent-laden Montverde. Originally, Embiid wanted to play professional soccer or volleyball until he was discovered at a basketball camp by Luc Mbah a Moute, a former NBA player and fellow native of Embiid’s hometown in Cameroon.

When Embiid arrived at Montverde, Boyle knew he would be a star someday but had other more developed senior players in the lineup ahead of him. That’s just how it is at the nation’s most dominant high school program, which currently boasts 14 current NBA players as alumni and has won an unprecedented six Geico national championships at the season-ending tournament involving all of the elite basketball prep schools in the country.

“We could see Joel had great size, great feet and great hands,” Boyle said, “but he was just a little bit raw when he got here. It was his first year in America and he hadn’t played that much basketball, so there was an adjustment period. But he had a great competitive spirit. He worked hard and put in extra time in the gym to improve. Unfortunately, he ended up leaving after that first season.”

Embiid wanted more playing time and transferred to a less-talented (but still formidable) private Christian academy in Gainesville – The Rock school – where he led the Lions to a state championship before signing with Kansas.

Interestingly, if Embiid had stayed at Montverde for his senior season, the team would have been composed of a future No. 1 overall pick (Ben Simmons), a future No. 2 overall pick (DeAngelo Russell) and a future No. 3 overall pick (Embiid).

Boyle often tells the story of when Embiid, who barely spoke English, first arrived at Montverde and made an awkward play at his very first practice. When his more seasoned American teammates began laughing, Boyle told Embiid to go get a drink at a nearby water fountain.

With Embiid out of earshot, Boyle told his team: “Laugh all you want. But in five years, you’re going to be asking to borrow money from him because he’s going to be worth about $50 million.”

Actually, Boyle underestimated Embiid’s value.

The MVP’s four-year, $196 million contract extension is set to kick in next season.

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