NBA makes changes to free agency moratorium period

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No more waiting until 12am Eastern Time on July 1st to see where your favorite players are heading. The NBA has officially announced that the moratorium period, the period in which teams can officially start negotiations with free agents,  will be moved back to 6pm Eastern Time on June 30th. 

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According to the release, teams will also be able to officially contact free agents at 6pm on June 29th, but only to officially schedule meetings at or after 6pm on June 30th. 

The six-hour time change does away with an antiquated way of dealing with free agents and moves to a more reasonable hour for not only the players and their agents, but for the fans watching and the media covering free agency.

For those of us in the Portland area, we can now see who the Blazers are bringing in off the market starting at 3pm local time on June 30th. Not bad, not bad at all. Schedule your vacations or lunch breaks accordingly. 

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