A LeBron James Top Shot moment that honored Kobe Bryant sold for nearly $400,000

An NBA Top Shot featuring a LeBron James dunk sold for nearly $400,000 at auction this week, a record for the newly popular NFTs.

The card featured James’ dunk that emulated former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s reverse windmill dunk years earlier — which James threw down less than a month after Bryant, his daughter and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash.

The NFT, according to USA Today, sold for $387,600 through Heritage Auctions, a record.

The card was a Series 1 “From The Top” Dunk, and was valued 3 of 59 — meaning it is the third-most valuable card in the series.

Heritage Auctions has sold groups of Top Shot moments for stunning prices in recent months. Per USA Today, the company sold 19 moments for almost $613,000 earlier this year, and just sold 11 moments for more than $542,000 on Thursday night.

Though James' moments are undoubtedly more popular than most on the website, for obvious reasons, it was likely the Bryant connection that put him over the top.

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