NBA issues memo banning 'casual relationship' visitors in bubble

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The NBA logo is displayed as people pass by the NBA Store in New York

When conference semifinals begin in the 2020 NBA playoffs, spouses and families will be permitted in the bubble near Orlando.

The NBA, however, is looking to set guidelines for player guests that fall into the "other" classification, such as girlfriends and recent acquaintances.

A memo from the NBA and NBPA outlines what the league will tolerate as a significant other.

It will preclude players from hosting guests considered casual in nature, including "known by the player only through social media or an intermediary," according to the memo obtained by ESPN. Players must prove a longstanding relationship with a non-spouse.

While friends and family will be defined in greater clarity, per the memo, those prohibited in the NBA bubble include agents, chefs, trainers and tattoo artists.

Once in the bubble, family members must quarantine and then agree to follow the same restrictions applied to players and staff. There is no allowance for leaving the campus.

Players will receive one ticket per guest per playoff game.

--Field Level Media