NBA investigating Jokic's brothers for altercation, punch thrown at fan after Nuggets win

Denver Nuggets Miami Heat Game 5 NBA Finals
Denver Nuggets Miami Heat Game 5 NBA Finals

The NBA and the Denver Police Department have opened investigations after video surfaced of Nikola Jokic's brothers getting into an altercation — and throwing a punch — at a fan in the stands during the Nuggets comeback victory over the Lakers on Monday night.

Jokic's older brothers are regulars at Nuggets games at home and on the road, and this appears to be Strahinja Jokic climbing over a row of seats to get near a fan and then throwing a punch in the video that has gone viral. Strahinja appears to continue yelling at the the fan while the other Jokic brother, Nemanja, stands behind him in support.

This altercation happened near Nikola Jokic's wife, Natalija, who can be seen trying to shield their daughter from everything and maybe calm the brothers down. Little else is known about the incident at this time, including what sparked it.

News of the NBA's investigation was broken by TMZ, with the Denver Post adding news about the police investigation. The police responded to the Associated Press with this comment:

"At this time, no one has come forward as a victim of this incident. The Department is looking into this incident, is actively working to identify the person in the video who was struck, and encourages anyone who was involved or witnessed this firsthand to contact the Denver Police Department."

This is not the first time the two-time — likely soon to be three-time — MVP's brothers made headlines. They once created a Twitter account to harass Marcus Morris after a back-and-forth between Morris and Nikola Jokic led to a Jokic suspension (Morris missed a large chunk of the season because of Jokic's cheap shot from behind). They also did this during a skirmish during a Nuggets game.

It's just something else for Nikola Jokic to tune out as his team is up 2-0 in a tough first-round series against the Lakers.