NBA front office insider believes Dejounte Murray is a ‘good fit’ for the Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are in an interesting place right now this season as they are free-falling down the Eastern Conference standings due to their recent bout of losing. It looks like Brooklyn’s attempt to see if this roster is capable of a playoff berth is failing miserably and as such, could be one of the teams that makes a move before the NBA trade deadline.

In a recent article by Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, the Nets were discussed as one of the teams that could make some moves prior to the deadline. On the HoopsHype podcast, Scotto did a trade deadline preview of some teams in the NBA with ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks.

One of the interesting tidbits that came up in the conversation was Marks saying he believes that Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray would be a good fit for Brooklyn. Here is part of Marks’ reasoning for believing that:

“You know where he (Murray) would be a good fit? Brooklyn. A guard that can score and kind of create for others. I look at this Nets team as one-dimensional. If they’re not making threes, they’re no better than Detroit, San Antonio, and some of the teams at the bottom here.”

Marks made it clear during the podcast that him saying that Murray would be a good fit for Brooklyn is not him saying that the Nets will trade for Murray at some point. It appears to be a move that makes sense for Brooklyn and the Hawks and would most likely not cost the Nets so much that the move would not be worth it to make.

To Marks’ point, one of the main areas of need for Brooklyn regardless of which direction they decide to head in is that they need a lead guard who can do some combination of scoring, passing, and defending at the point of attack. So far, there hasn’t been a player to emerge this season for the Nets that can take care of all three of those areas at an above-average level.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire