NBA Fixtures


Feb 12 (OPTA) - NBA schedules for this week Monday, February 12 schedules (EST/GMT) New Orleans at Detroit (1900/0000) New York at Philadelphia (1900/0000) LA Clippers at Brooklyn (1930/0030) Orlando at Chicago (2000/0100) San Antonio at Utah (2100/0200) Phoenix at Golden State (2230/0330) Tuesday, February 13 schedules (EST/GMT) Miami at Toronto (1900/0000) Atlanta at Milwaukee (2000/0100) Houston at Minnesota (2000/0100) Cleveland at Oklahoma City (2000/0100) Sacramento at Dallas (2030/0130) San Antonio at Denver (2230/0330) Wednesday, February 14 schedules (EST/GMT) Atlanta at Detroit (1900/0000) Charlotte at Orlando (1900/0000) Miami at Philadelphia (1900/0000) Indiana at Brooklyn (1930/0030) Washington at New York (1930/0030) LA Clippers at Boston (2000/0100) Toronto at Chicago (2000/0100) Sacramento at Houston (2000/0100) Oklahoma City at Memphis (2000/0100) LA Lakers at New Orleans (2000/0100) Phoenix at Utah (2100/0200) Golden State at Portland (2230/0330) Thursday, February 15 schedules (EST/GMT) Denver at Milwaukee (2000/0100) LA Lakers at Minnesota (2100/0200) Sunday, February 18 schedules (EST/GMT) Team LeBron at Team Stephen (2000/0100)

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