NBA fines Draymond Green $25K after he called for 'a whole new crop' of referees

Jason Owens
·2 min read

Draymond Green is rarely shy with his opinions, and his latest candid thoughts on NBA officiating have cost him $25,000.

The NBA fined Green on Monday for criticizing officials on Saturday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

The Golden State Warriors forward picked up his league-leading 11th technical foul on Saturday for arguing with an official in a win over the Los Angeles Clippers, leaving him five shy of an automatic suspension.

Green ripped into officials after the game over what he views as personal vendettas referees have with players.

“It’s bad,” Green told The Athletic. “It’s horrible. It’s really bad. I don’t know why it is. But I think it’s ridiculous. It’s ruining the game. … It should be one of, if not the main priority, to be solved. It definitely should.

“They can get a new crop (of referees), a whole new crop. Too many personal things going on. Too much me against you. It just don’t work that way.”

The NBA has fined Draymond Green for criticizing officials on Saturday. (Getty)
The NBA has fined Draymond Green for criticizing officials on Saturday. (Getty)

Warriors teammate Stephen Curry walked a fine line when asked about Green’s relationship with officials, but said that he does believe that Green is sometimes treated unfairly.

“He has a certain kind of mannerism about him, a certain disposition that is different than other people,” Curry said. “I’ve been on the court where you’re just looking around like why did he get a tech? He didn’t say anything. He didn’t do anything demonstrative. I’ve seen way worse kind of had a blind eye turned to it.”

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