Giannis Antetokounmpo took his trophies to Chick-fil-A for a massive post-championship meal

There was never a doubt that Giannis Antetokounmpo would continue loving life in his own wonderful way after he won an NBA championship, but the newly minted Finals MVP is taking it to a whole new level.

Just 12 hours after being showered with confetti and celebrating with his teammates, Giannis was out and about in Milwaukee, looking for a late-morning meal. He fired up Instagram Live to show the world that both the NBA championship trophy and the MVP trophy were in the car as he and a companion drove to Chick-fil-A to order an enormous amount of chicken nuggets.

In addition to a 50-piece nugget, Giannis also ordered a large drink with half Sprite and half lemonade, which from now on should be called the Giannis. And winning Finals MVP and bringing the Bucks their first championship in 50 years hasn't changed the Greek Freak one bit; he was still unfailingly polite to the Chick-fil-A employee who took his order.

Giannis also told viewers that he went the extra mile to get Milwaukee that championship. He sacrificed haircuts and possible cuteness because he was so dedicated to hooping.

"I was so dedicated to the game, man. I said eff haircuts, eff looking good, I'm just here to hoop! I'm just here to hoop, man! I don't want no haircuts, I want to be looking ugly out there, man. I want to be looking ugly and getting buckets out there. Nobody has to look cute out there, I'm here to hoop! I'll look cute when I get married or something, I don't want to look cute now. Please, I'm just here to hoop."

Giannis gave his all to Milwaukee to win that championship, and now he's getting to live his dream: grabbing chicken nuggets from a drive-thru with his new best friends, the championship trophy and the MVP trophy.

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