NBA fan declares for the draft ‘after a few drinks,’ receives an encouraging reply from the league

Ball Don't Lie

The NCAA deadline to declare for the NBA draft is on April 16. Because the NBA has its own deadline (rendering the NCAA’s toothless) of April 28, and because an anonymous Reddit poster didn’t actually play basketball in the NCAA last (or any other) year, one particular potential draftee decided to slide his declaration in just before the NBA’s target date.

While possibly a little drunk. And without being on an NBA team’s radar. Or giving his own name.

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Via Eye On Sports and Business Insider, and explained by his Reddit activity, here is the letter one enterprising soul sent to the NBA last month, announcing his eligibility in the NBA’s June 27 draft “after a few drinks.”

And here is the reply – the signed reply! – that the NBA sent the self-described “upstanding young man.”

That’s right, 30 NBA teams, this man is a free agent. Which means – and this is breaking news to the several NBA teams that have significant cap space during the 2013 offseason – that this former high school player isn’t restricted by the rookie scale contracts the NBA hands out to first round draftees. You can get into a bidding war, here, for this talent on the make.

All he has to do is provide his actual name, first. Perhaps after a pot of black coffee.

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