NBA draft set to expand to two days

Fans of the Boston Celtics (and the rest of the league) will soon have more to see when it comes to the NBA draft — perhaps as soon as this summer. The league hopes to expand the draft to a two-day affair in the near-term future per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Association still needs to get approval from the National Basketball Players’ Association for the change, which would see the current one-day format split into two days. Each of the draft’s two rounds would be split between June 26 and June 27 if the proposal can be implemented this summer. The player’s union and the NBA have been in regular contact about that potential shift, according to Woj.

“Among a number of reasons for the expansion of the event, including the programming for television rights partners,” writes the ESPN reporter, “the NBA and teams are hopeful that the hours between Wednesday night’s first round and Thursday’s second round will give teams more time to make trades and plan out strategies for the second night.”

“Teams have been frustrated with the chaotic speed of the second round and believe there could be more order in the process with a day between the picks,” adds Wojnarowski.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire