The NBA’s apparent Christmas Day team jerseys are predictably terrible (Photos)

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The special jerseys the NBA debuted for its games on Christmas last year were odd, and possibly off-putting to some, but at least they looked like an attempt to modify a jersey.

This year’s apparent batch, as unearthed by Brian Erni at SNY Nets (after scoping out Ebay) on Thursday and eventually “confirmed” (seriously, they’re jerseys) by Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas, don’t give off the same vibe. They look like shirts, with sleeves, shirts that can’t even be bothered to identify the town each team is supposed to represent with their play.

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Take a look at what the Laker and Heat fans will be annoying you with for the next year or so:

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The NBA has even dragged the “aw, shucks” feel-good team of the decade, your Oklahoma City Thunder, into their particular War on Christmas:

Frankly, the jerseys speak for themselves. And though the NBA will be playing in its eighth week by Christmas day, this batch of games is supposed to be a special showcase for the league – a re-introduction to those otherwise occupied with watching men in helmets giving each other brain dementia. Why the NBA wouldn’t want its players feeling comfortable with the jerseys they’ve been working in for the last two months plus exhibition season is beyond me.

Wait, no. It’s not beyond me. The NBA will sell a ton of these things. To absolutely nobody that would want to share a court, bleacher row, dinner party or car ride with.

Season’s greetings, revenue streams!

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