NBA to allow skin-tight uniforms for All-Star game

The jerseys that NBA players wear every night are pretty tame by the standards of contemporary uniforms. They're fairly loose, feature few colors like teal or the neon yellow adored by the University of Oregon, and generally are engineered to appeal to as many fans as possible. That's why pretty much every team in the league wears blue or red, the least offensive colors of all-time, unless you're a hardcore political activist or a gang member.

However, it turns out the league and adidas have different sartorial plans for the All-Star game. For the first time ever, players will have the option of wearing skin-tight jersey tops. From Paul Lukas at the essential Uni Watch:

Most NBA players these days wear a compression tank top under their jersey. So why not just skip the jersey and wear the compression undergarment function as the uniform top?

That's an idea that the NBA has decided to test-drive in the upcoming all-star game. The league will announce today that all players in that game will have the option of wearing skin-tight compression tanks instead of the standard Adidas jerseys.

It isn't yet clear how many people will take the league up on this offer.

As Lukas notes, the compression top is already standard for players, so this will be a case of the participants shedding a layer rather than changing one. Of course, part of what makes this new look somewhat silly is that it's matched with baggy shorts, a combination that does actually make it so the players look like they forgot to put on their tops. The French national soccer team plays with skin-tight tops, as well, but they look less ridiculous because their shorts match the style.

Regardless, this look exists, and we must learn to deal with it. The question now is who will wear them? Derrick Rose(notes) seems like a certainty since he's involved in the publicity photos above, and Dwight Howard(notes) is also likely since he's sponsored by adidas and generally likes everything that makes him look more like a superhero.

The one major problem for adidas here is that most stars are affiliated with Nike and seem unlikely to give a rival sports apparel outfitter more press. So feel bad for Rose, Howard, and whoever else joins them, because they're all going to look like they lost a bet.

(Via The Basketball Jones)

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