NBA 2K24 to feature ‘LeBron Era’ where fans navigate the 2010s NBA landscape

Fans of the hit video game NBA 2K will be able to mix it up with Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James in an updated version of the game’s Eras mode. When NBA 2K24 launches this September,  fans will be able to enter the “LeBron Era” by teaming up with James and take on the 2010s and the decade’s most formidable foes.

NBA 2K first launched the Eras feature last season as part of the game’s MyNBA mode. This allowed users to take on Magic Johnson or Larry Bird in the 1980s, try and compete against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, or join this year’s cover athlete Kobe Bryant in the early years of the “Kobe Era.” In 2K24, players will have a chance to join the iconic Miami Heat team from the early 2010s or try and play spoiler and stop the “Heatles.” This feature will only be available on next generation gaming consoles.

According to the makers of the game, the “LeBron Era” is one of the most exciting times in NBA history. In particular, 2K entreats players to take on LeBron rather than joining him in South Beach by teaming up with the rising stars of the early 2010s such as “lockdown defenders Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, and ankle-breaking specialist Kyrie Irving.”

2K Sports
2K Sports

Long before James joined the Los Angeles Lakers he served as the focal point for a Heat team that won two titles in three seasons. James earned Finals MVP honors during both of those championships. Players can play through the “LeBron Era” and progress into the modern chapter of the NBA.

There are a few other revamps to the Eras mode in 2K24 as well. For example, 2K announced players’ appearances will change as they age through the years, with specific hairstyles updating accordingly. Kobe Bryant will eventually ditch his longer hair for a clean-shaven head over time. The “News” tab will also better match the times, going from newspaper headlines and early blogs to the in-game social media over the years.

2K Sports also revealed a revamped journey for W players looking to launch their WNBA careers. This allows gamers to start at the college level or join the league as international phenoms.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire