Watch the Dream Team play Team USA 2012 in ‘NBA 2K13′ (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

We learned last month that "NBA 2K13," the soon-to-be-released annual revamp of 2K Sports' super successful basketball video game franchise, would include the involvement of USA Basketball, meaning that gamers could play as both the 2012 edition of the U.S. men's national basketball team and the legendary 1992 "Dream Team," allowing for a virtual settling of the summertime debate that nearly tore our nation asunder.

"Hooray!" we thought. "That sounds like it is going to be very cool, indeed!"

Now, thanks to a new teaser trailer for the game released Friday on 2K Sports' YouTube page, we can confirm that we were correct in our suspicions. Behold:

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As you can see in the clip, after initially being excluded from the game due to a reported inability to come to terms with its makers, Scottie Pippen has been added to the Dream Team's roster, reaching an agreement with 2K after fans expressed major disappointment at the announcement of his absence. In exchange for his licensing rights, Pippen gets shown driving past LeBron James and dunking on Kevin Durant. Seems like a square deal.

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The inclusion of Pippen is just one of the things that makes the game seem so cool, alongside myriad small touches like Kobe Bryant's jaw jut, the pregame salute between James and Chris Paul and the exactitude of Karl Malone's bald spot. (The fact that the teaser ends with Michael Jordan trying to turn Kobe into Bryon Russell doesn't hurt, either.)

I haven't bought or regularly played a video game since maxing out Dynasty Mode with my created Providence Friars in "NCAA Football 10," but man, do I want to buy this, even if it seems like doing so means I won't be able to get away from all the dudes I see on Twitter every day. I'm trying to escape reality when I play games, guys, not double down on it. I don't need Zach Harper to troll my 6-foot-7, 235-pound, chiseled and blazing-fast avatar; I can get that at home.

Hat-tip to Chris Littmann of The Sporting News.

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