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NBA 2K Players Tournament: Wizards rookie tops Donovan Mitchell as Devin Booker, Andre Drummond advance

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The NBA 2K Players Tournament continued Sunday with four first-round matchups. Among the players in action were Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell and Andre Drummond.

Each experienced a varying level of success in a tournament where the winner gets $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

NBA 2K tourney: No. 8 Montrezl Harrell vs. No. 9 Domantas Sabonis

Los Angeles Clippers center Montrezl Harrell beat out Indiana Pacers forward Domantas Sabonis by a score of 73-51, and looked pretty stylish while doing it.

Both players also had the good courtesy to play with their own teams, unlike literally every other player to log on Sunday. That allowed one lovely bit of violence featuring Harrell playing as Harrell.

Meanwhile, Sabonis had a little less fun with his virtual self.

With the win, Harrell will face 16-seed Derrick Jones Jr. in the second round after the Miami Heat forward’s upset of Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K tourney: No. 4 Donovan Mitchell vs. No. 13 Rui Hachimura

The lone upset of the day — at least by seeding — came via Washington Wizards rookie Rui Hachimura, who toppled Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell in a 74-71 thriller. Taking down the No. 4 seed was apparently some thirsty work.

Mitchell was sporting in defeat ... and a little salty.

He wasn’t the only one peeved by the loss, or at least how it came about.

NBA 2K tourney: No. 5 Devin Booker vs. No. 12 Michael Porter Jr.

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker had little trouble in dispatching Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets, which isn’t a surprised considering video games were actually what Booker was playing when the NBA season was suspended.

The fun came early when Porter — perhaps in his own interest — suggested they could play with their own teams like Harrell and Sabonis. As you might have heard, the Nuggets are a bit better than the Suns these days.

Booker’s response was simple.

Then the trash talk started coming.

Final score: 85-75 Booker. He’ll face Hachimura in the next round.

NBA 2K tourney: No. 6 Andre Drummond vs. No. 11 DeMarcus Cousins

The final game of the day was by far the most lopsided. Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond absolutely thrashed free agent center DeMarcus Cousins by an incredible score of 101-49.

Drummond was even out there making buzzer beaters.

We at least got some fun stories out of an extremely uncompetitive fake basketball game.

Tape of the dunk doesn’t exist, but audio sure does.

It wasn’t so fun at the end for Cousins, though.

Drummond will face Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley next round. Hopefully it will be a little more competitive.

Full highlights of each game can be found on the NBA’s YouTube channel.

Devin Booker had a good day online. Donovan Mitchell, less so. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Devin Booker had a good day online. Donovan Mitchell, less so. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

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