Navy Mom Comes Home From Deployment To Surprise Daughter Ahead Of Drive, Chip And Putt Finals At Augusta

Tissues out folks.

<p>Drive, Chip and Putt/Masters Tournament</p>

Drive, Chip and Putt/Masters Tournament

Finishing eighth in her age group at the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals was only part of what made 13-year-old Dixie Mae Crain’s weekend at Augusta National unforgettable.

The young golfer from Texas spent the months leading up to the Masters holding two dreams in her heart: to play at Augusta and to finally hug her mom again. As she traveled with her father Rusty and her brother Espen to Georgia last week, she had no idea that both dreams were about to come true at the same time.

Dixie’s mother, Sherry, a chief petty officer in the Navy, left for an 18-month deployment in Bahrain over the summer and wasn’t home to see her daughter qualify for the event at Champions Golf Club in Houston in September.

Dixie thought her mother would watch her compete in the finals on television from 8,000 miles away on Sunday. But Sherry had other plans.

During Saturday's banquet, emcee Mike Tirico told the crowd that Sherry had recorded a video message to share with her family.

“Hey there team Crain,” Sherry, projected on a large screen, told her crying family. “Dixie, Espen and Rusty, I miss you guys so much.”

“A quick message for Dixie Mae, my girl,” she continued, “I want to wish you the best of luck, and I want you to know that Mom and Dad are always proud of you.”

“You can tell from that video, how much mom wishes she could be here,” Tirico told Dixie. “Guess what: She is.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome Chief Petty Officer Sherry Crain!” Tirico exclaimed as the crowd erupted in a standing ovation.

In full uniform, Sherry walked into the ballroom and straight into the arms of her sobbing family.

“I'm so proud of her,” the Navy officer said. “And it's not even that she made it, it's just that she's never given up. We always tell her hard work and never giving up you can make anything happen.”

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