Nationals touch home plate 10 times in one inning, set records

Paige Leckie

The fifth inning of the Nationals game against the Reds on Wednesday felt very deja vu-inducing, but also somewhat historic. 

Not only did all nine Washington players come around to score in the half (including Kurt Suzuki twice), which was pretty epic and record-setting itself, but Anthony Rendon also set a new career-high in home runs. And, every single run came with only one out on the board. 

Washington tallied nine hits, including three home runs, in the inning of insanity. 

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It was the first time in Nationals history that every player who batted in the inning (so, the whole lineup) reached home plate. And the second time it's happened in MLB this year. 

It's also the second time Washington had scored at least 10 runs in an inning in the last 20 years; the last time was against the Rockies on April 27, 2017.

Oh, and circling back to Rendon. Though the third baseman and the organization still haven't reached an agreement about his contract with the Nationals, the lack of a prospective future in Washington after this season hasn't phased Rendon, who went yard for the 26th time this season and set a new career-high number of home runs. 

Rendon's knock followed a long shot from Adam Eaton and accounted for the second of the three homers in the inning. Suzuki also took the Reds deep for his own home run later in the inning.  

At the end of the inning, the Nationals led the Reds 11-1, and were well on their way to extending their winning streak.

But wait, there's more! 

After they gave up three runs in the top of the sixth, the Nationals batted around yet again in the sixth inning and extended their lead to 13 runs. 

Once the sixth inning ended, every Washington position player had scored not one, but two runs, and led Cincinnati 17-4.



Nationals touch home plate 10 times in one inning, set records originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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