How Nationals fans braced for potential Bryce Harper news

Caroline Brandt
NBC Sports Washington

How Nationals fans braced for potential Bryce Harper news originally appeared on

Tuesday had the potential to be one of the biggest days in MLB history. Thanks to an ongoing incredible troll game by the game MLB the Show's Twitter account, Nationals fans were bracing for the possibility of big news on Tuesday.

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After the account tweeted that it was worth keeping an eye on it on Tuesday, many Nats fans prepared for Bryce Harper to announce where he will be playing in 2019.
And their preparations were...intense.

An open letter to Bryce Harper pleading him to re-sign with the Nationals.

One fan even made an ALTAR in preparation of Bryce Harper's rumored-signing day.

Another fan is preparing to fly across the world from Colombia to see Bryce Harper in another (or Nationals) jersey.


As for myself, I've been obsessively refreshing Twitter, which is the approach this fan has taken with various rumor mill websites: 


And if you're a Fyre Fest fan, we couldn't help but laugh at this tweet:


Then, there are the fans who claim they simply don't care.


One fan's theory thinks MLB's "The Show" video game cover will be released during a Super Bowl commercial featuring the jersey Harper will be wearing in 2019.


With rumors favoring Harper to Philly, one fan promised to boycott the Pennsylvania gas station "Wawa:"


Last but certainly not least, one fan has given up all hope, preparing for Bryce Harper's departure like preparing for a funeral:


But as of post time, all of those preparations - and the Harper news - are still on hold.


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