National Signing Day: Wisconsin football’s class of 2024 by position

Wisconsin’s class of 2024 reached its official conclusion Wednesday: national signing day across college football.

Those three words don’t mean nearly as much as they used to. Nowadays, the early signing period sees much of the recruiting movement with national signing day becoming more of a procedural day.

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The Badgers class was fully signed months ago; eight of the 22 commits are already enrolled for the offseason program.

The class finished the cycle ranked No. 23 nationally and No. 7 in the new 18-team Big Ten. Its blue chip percentage improved to 50% this week with a commit gaining a fourth star, crossing an important threshold for the first time in program history.

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I’d call Luke Fickell’s first full recruiting cycle as Wisconsin head coach a success.

Here is how the finalized class breaks down by position:

Offensive Line

Four-star OT Kevin Haywood

  • No. 50 in the nation, No. 4 OT, No. 1 recruit from Pennsylvania

Four-star OT Emerson Mandell

  • No. 230 in the nation, No. 13 OT, No. 2 recruit from Minnesota

Three-star IOL Derek Jensen

  • No. 527 in the nation, No. 34 IOL, No. 5 recruit from Wisconsin

Three-star IOL Ryan Cory

  • No. 673 in the nation, No. 52 IOL, No. 17 recruit from Pennsylvania

Three-star IOL Colin Cubberly

  • No. 658 in the nation, No. 49 OT, No. 4 recruit from New York

Defensive Back

Four-star S Xavier Lucas

  • No. 366 in the nation, No. 34 safety, No. 52 recruit from Florida

Four-star CB Omillio Agard

  • No. 419 in the nation, No. 36 cornerback, No. 7 recruit from Pennsylvania

Three-star S Raphael Dunn

  • No. 764 in the nation, No. 79 safety, No. 15 recruit from New Jersey

Three-star CB Jay Harper

  • No. 707 in the nation, No. 60 cornerback, No. 35 recruit from Alabama

Defensive Line

Four-star DL Ernest Willor Jr.

  • No. 120 in the nation, No. 21 DL, No. 3 recruit from Maryland

Four-star DL Dillan Johnson

  • No. 459 in the nation, No. 51 DL, No. 13 recruit from Illinois

Four-star Edge Anelu Lafaele

  • No. 598 in the nation, No. 40 Edge, No. 3 recruit from Hawaii

Three-star DL Hank Weber

  • No. 1,165 in the nation, No. 123 DL, No. 39 recruit from Tennessee

Running Back

Four-star RB Dilin Jones

  • No. 139 in the nation, No. 10 running back, No. 4 recruit from Maryland

Four-star RB Darrion Dupree

  • No. 388 in the nation, No. 28 RB, No. 12 recruit from Illinois

Three-star RB Gideon Ituka

  • No. 1,074 in the nation, No. 79 RB, No. 31 recruit from Maryland

Wide Receiver

Four-star TE Grant Stec

  • No. 269 in the nation, No. 16 TE, No. 7 recruit from Illinois

Three-star TE Rob Booker

  • No. 615 in the nation, No. 32 tight end, No. 7 recruit from Wisconsin

Three-star WR Kyan Berry-Johnson

  • No. 759 in the nation, No. 104 WR, No. 18 recruit from Illinois


Four-star LB Thomas Heiberger

  • No. 456 in the nation, No. 40 LB, No. 1 recruit from South Dakota

Three-star LB Landon Gauthier

  • No. 728 in the nation, No. 64 LB, No. 7 recruit from Wisconsin


Four-star QB Mabrey Mettauer

  • No. 455 in the nation, No. 31 QB, No. 71 recruit from Texas


Story originally appeared on Badgers Wire