National roundup of potential moves for Washington at 2020 NFL Trade Deadline

Ryan Homler
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National roundup of potential moves for Washington at trade deadline originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday and the Washington Football Team finds itself in an interesting position. At 2-5, selling may seem like the most logical conclusion. 

Yet, due to the poor play all-around in the NFC East, Washington is still in the division race. Therefore, Washington could go the other way and buy at the deadline in order to make a run at the title. 

Both choices would make sense, as Washington has some current players that could be moved (see: Ryan Kerrigan, Ryan Anderson and Dwayne Haskins), but the roster also needs help at numerous positions. Ahead of the deadline, numerous national outlets have constructed hypothetical trades around the league. There is no shortage of ideas involving Washington.

Here's a look at what some analysts think Washington could do before 4 p.m. on November 3

Trades involving Ryan Kerrigan

Before getting to the situations involving Kerrigan, it's important to note that the team has stated they have no interest in dealing Kerrigan despite the pass rusher reportedly requesting a trade. Still, his low usage in Washington but overall skill has many believing he could be an important piece for others around the league.

His departure would hurt in terms of veteran leadership, but Washington's pass rush would still be in good shape given the young talent at the position. Anyways, here are some trades involving Washington's all-time sacks leader. 

Kerrigan traded to the Seattle Seahawks (Henry Mckenna, USA TODAY Sports' For The Win)

Seattle has been known for its stout defense in the past, but that's not the case in 2020. As good as Russell Wilson has been, games have ended closer than needed because the other side of the ball can't make a stop.

For The Win's Henry McKenna sees Kerrigan as a perfect fit, as his pass rush ability to immediately upgrade a struggling defensive front. Additionally, with Seattle acting as a Super Bowl contender, the idea of a rental doesn't hurt if it means hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Kerrigan traded to the Miami Dolphins (Patrik Walker, CBS Sports)

Miami now sits at 4-3 and should now be considered a playoff contender in the AFC. While Tua Tagovailoa will need time to progress, the Dolphins defense is emerging as a powerful unit. Having talent on that side of the ball makes the play of the quarterback a lot easier.

Walker sees Kerrigan as the perfect counterpart for Emmanuel Ogbah and someone that can make an impact in 2020 and beyond. For Washington, it's a way to potentially get some draft capital from a team that has picks to give.

Kerrigan traded to the San Francisco 49ers for WR Dante Pettis (Bill Barnwell, ESPN)

This trade may not seem as reasonable now given that the 49ers are 4-4 in the best division in football and will be without Jimm Garoppolo and George Kittle for multiple weeks. If the team thinks it can still compete, however, it will need Kerrigan.

San Francisco's pass rush has been devastated by injuries and Kerrigan is a near-perfect fill-in for 2020. 

As for Washington, Pettis is not the most attractive option on the market at his position, but the team needs all the help it can get at wide receiver. The potential to work in the slot is there, and though he's dealt with injuries this season, Washington would get two years of control going forward.

Kerrigan traded to the New Orleans Saints (Alex Ballentine, Bleacher Report and Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports)

Sensing a theme here? Kerrigan is an enticing option for competitive teams that are missing some juice among the defensive front. The Saints are a prime candidate given the shrinking competitive window (if everything is based on Drew Brees) and their need for more pressure upfront. 

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Trades involving Dwayne Haskins

Haskins traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers for CB Justin Layne and a 2021 fourth-round pick (Bill Barnwell, ESPN)

This partnership for a trade is the most logical if the "inevitable" trade for Haskins comes at the deadline. It's not a move for 2020, or even 2021, but the Steelers could buy low on a young quarterback in the hopes that putting him in the system would allow him to grow in time to replace Ben Roethlisberger.

For Washington, they can put an end to the speculation and drama while also picking up a secondary piece and much-needed draft capital.

Haskins traded to the Indianapolis Colts (Henry Mckenna, USA TODAY Sports' For The Win)

Another move for the future, the Colts could look to bring Haskins in and hope he finds his way. Philip Rivers will remain the guy for 2020, but the position is filled with questions after that. 

The veteran has shown signs of age catching up to him and is only on a one-year deal. Jacoby Brissett is a free agent after the season as well, and Indianapolis didn't feel confident enough to go with him over Rivers. They'll need something new but won't be able to get a top passer in the draft given their record.

So, maybe Haskins is worth a look.

Other trade scenarios

Washington trades Ryan Anderson to Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 sixth-round pick (Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports)

Anderson is the Washington pass rusher that seems more likely to be dealt. The upside is there, but his role with his current team is minimal. Indianapolis picks up a defensive piece without giving up a lot in return. Washington at least gets some value for a player that isn't used much.

Washington trades Fabian Moreau to Panthers for a 2021 sixth-round pick (Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports)

Carolina is in a weird position where it isn't a full contender but it has the potential to become one in the near future. Benjamin sees Moreau as a low-risk option who could come into his own down the line. Scheduled to be a free agent after the season, Washington could get some return for a player that may not be in the plans moving forward.

Washington acquires WR Golden Tate from the New York Giants (Alex Ballentine, Bleacher Report)

Tate is a name that fits wide receivers Washington should look at if it's going all-in. He's a veteran with experience on a team that isn't really competing. He's not producing at a high level, but Tate would become the No. 2 option for Kyle Allen and someone to take the pressure off Terry McLaurin. 

Washington acquires LB Zach Cunningham for a 2021 fourth-round pick (Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports)

Washington would have to deal with a pretty large contract, but they'd get a really good piece for the linebacking core that is missing some consistency. The Texans would take another step in trying to get back all the picks Bill O'Brien surrendered.

Washington acquires WR DaeSean Hamilton for a 2021 seventh-round pick (Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports)

Hamilton isn't a huge addition but he's a deep threat that comes for a low return. It could be worth taking a waiver.