Nate Robinson wore a ridiculously-expensive pair of designer sneakers during an actual game (PHOTO)

Distracted by fatherly duties and the TV, I didn’t take notice of Chicago Bull guard Nate Robinson’s shoes until the second half of Chicago’s loss to San Antonio on Wednesday, mostly because the shoes he was sporting were the last pair of Nike Air Jordans I’ve ever bought, and the last ridiculously expensive pair of sneakers I’ve shelled out for.

A day later, courtesy of Complex and Deadspin, we’ve learned that these very expensive Jordans (to a 17-year old kid on an allowance in 1997) actually ranked second amongst the two pair that Robinson strung up that night. Nate Rob played the first half in a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2s, which are apparently a thing that sell for $250 and, according to Deadspin, fetch up to $2000 on second-hand online retailers that don’t actually turn the shoes into “second hand” kicks by, y’know, wearing them in an NBA basketball game on national TV.

Take a look at these (probably not suited for NBA basketball) things:

Bulls forward Taj Gibson was the first to notice the sneakers in a pregame Instagram, and I doubt very much Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was unaware of the presence of the Yeezys. Nate started the contest but missed seven of eight first quarter shots; again, possibly not the Yeezys’ fault, but eight shots in a quarter is a bit much even for Nate. He sat the entire second quarter before returning to start the second half, where he made a respectable two of five shots in the shoes that 17-year old Kelly Dwyer could afford.

He didn’t play a second in the fourth quarter, though. Maybe Tom Thibodeau doesn’t like Air Jordans, either.

I’m a Bulls fan, and I can genuinely say that even in the midst of a lost season that Derrick Rose may not even take part in, I appreciate both what Nate Robinson has done for my favorite team, and the overall (and much-needed) energy he brings. That spark often – heck, “usually” – outweighs his (quite frequent) missteps.

Like the missteps that tend to occur while wearing designer sneakers on a nationally televised game against the team with the best record in the NBA. You know, that little mitigating factor.

(That could actually be a nickname for Nate Robinson. Nate “That Little Mitigating Factor” Robinson.)

Never change, Nate. Outside of your Air Yeezys. They’re ridiculous.

(Major thanks to Complex and Deadspin for the heads-up and Sneaker Image for the shot of Nate’s kicks.)

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