Nate Robinson swiftly crosses over travelers in an airport (Video)

When I was in college, in the halls that led out of the dorm I lived in freshman year, I used to cross over unwitting defenders on my way out to play ball. It was annoying and childish, but I was 18-years old, and had the excuse of being both annoying and childish on my side.

Nate Robinson, at 29-years of age, doesn't quite have the same excuse. But because he's Nate, and we love him so much, somehow he makes crossing over pedestrians in an airport seem just fine. Check his work out, via his Instagram account:

Remember, Nate Robinson is 5-9. This isn't the same as, say, the 6-6 Jimmy Butler breaking ankles on his way to the terminal. To most of these travelers, he probably looked just like some average-sized kid in a backpack that needed to have his ball taken away.

Again, though, because Nate is Nate and so damn irrepressible, he gets away with it. As he should. Never change, Nate. Good luck in Denver.

(Thanks to SB Nation for alerting us about this wonderful thing.)

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