Nate Robinson can jump through glass doors now (Video)

Much-traveled NBA guard Nate Robinson won the hearts and minds of many during the 2013 playoffs by keeping his plucky Chicago Bulls in game after game of their unlikely postseason run. The 5-9 guard may disappoint some of those new followers, though, with his recent conversion to the dark arts. That's right, Nate Robinson is a sorcerer, now. Able to shape-shift his way through glass at any number of fast food burger joints.


(Honestly, how strange would it have been to watch Robinson set up that video in person? Jumping weirdly while within the restaurant, jumping weirdly outside it, maybe needing 14 attempts to get the Vine just right.)

Nate Robinson's shirt also has a picture of an astronaut on it. Enjoy your day off between NBA Finals games.

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