Nate Robinson gets his own ‘We Are All Watching’ ad, courtesy of the NBA (Video)

From undersized and ill-fitting athletic curiosity on terrible New York Knicks teams to trick-or-treat bench scorer on a Boston Celtics team that made the NBA finals. From afterthought on an Oklahoma City Thunder side with no use for him to a pointless role whiling away the hours for a not-quite-there-yet and deliberately-lottery-bound Golden State Warriors squad.

From a not-so-welcome addition to the Chicago Bulls bench to a potential midseason salary cap casualty, then on to key role-player on a team desperate for backcourt playmaking, tattoo-inspiring folk hero, triple-overtime legend, flu-braving tough guy and offensive spark behind one of the most stunning wins in recent postseason memory.

And now, to designation by the league in which his style always generates gnashed teeth as one of the reasons We Are All Watching this postseason, a bit of recognition that puts him in a class alongside LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

It's been a weird, somewhat shocking road, Nate Robinson, but here you are, leading the Bulls in scoring in the playoffs, authoring unbelievable moments and striking fear into opposing fan bases up and down the Eastern Conference. (I guess baseball and football aren't the only sports you can't predict.)

There might be at least one BDL blogger who doesn't think this commercial should exist, but it does. Big up yourself, Li'l Nathan. You might not have had the goods in Game 2, but this removes all doubt: You've made it.

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