Nate Robinson drew hair on his Carlos Boozer bobblehead doll, because art imitates life

Back in February, Chicago Bulls power forward and noted bald man Carlos Boozer spray-painted his head, which was monumentally weird and amazing:

Then, shortly after being absolutely hammered for it online, he stopped, which was in the best interests of everyone, except those of us who make jokes about NBA basketball and its players. But when it comes to both the Internet and people's memories, you can't simply put the toothpaste back into the tube, or the shoe polish back into the tin, as it were.

Fellow Bull Nate Robinson remembers Carlos' oddly colored cue-ball kruller, and given some free time, a complimentary (we assume) Boozer bobblehead left over from a United Center giveaway and a truly magical marker, Nate brought this beloved character from our NBA Internet past to life, "Toy Story"-style, just in time for the holidays:

Suddenly, Carlos Boozer's much more interested in the inner workings of the luxury tax, and whether it would be prudent for the Bulls to waive someone — like maybe a guard, I don't know — to get under it. It's nice of him to take such an interest in the team's salary cap situation, since he plays such a large role in it, after all.

Hat-tips to Beyond the Buzzer and TBJ.