Nate Robinson autographs a baby, which even in 2013 doesn’t seem normal (Photo)

When I was an adolescent, sometimes left unattended in front of a cable station playing music videos, I was introduced to the idea of hard rock bands autographing the top of their female fans’ bosoms. To the kid with the baseball signed by Vince Coleman resting safely in his bedroom just one floor above, it seemed strange.

When I was in junior high, I read of the procedure that saw Morrissey autographing his fans’ arms; a move that led those fans to go directly to the tattoo parlor to get Moz’s signature inked for life into their flesh. It sounded horrifying.

I don’t know where this move ranks:

Yes, that’s free agent guard Nate Robinson autographing a baby at the NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League on Thursday evening. The diminutive guard that always seems to pack a smile into the most distressing of circumstances even seemed less than bemused, perhaps concerned, by what was presented before him. To the baby’s credit, there were no obvious tears. How you react to this is entirely up to you.

In other news, we have ten weeks until NBA training camps open. So prepare for a lot more of this.

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