Nate Davis speaks publicly for 1st time since loss of family member sparked extended absence

Nate Davis speaks publicly for 1st time since loss of family member sparked extended absence originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Nate Davis returned to the field for the Bears when they took on the Broncos in Week 4. The starting right guard had missed the previous two games due a death in the family. On Wednesday he spoke to the media for the first time since training camp and shared an update on how he’s doing.

“I feel OK. As good as I can. It really just goes back to one day at a time.

“It’s been good being around the guys again, being around the coaches and just around the team again. It got a little tough, but it’s good getting back to it for sure.”

Grieving is a personal process and no one goes through loss the same way. It’s understandable that Davis needed to take a couple of weeks off, and it would be understandable if he needed to take more time off in the future. However, Davis did say that getting back with his teammates and focusing on work helped him.

“This is a great team,” Davis said. “These guys have really just been there for me, during a tough time especially.”

Davis also appreciated the support he received from coaches throughout the process.

“Just being able to really just air out everything I’m feeling and them just taking it all in too, and giving me the right approach and telling me the right things too. Yeah, I’m really grateful for this team just being there for me through everything.

“From day one, they understood what was going on and they were there for me. Anything I needed, they tried to help me out as best as possible. It’s one of those things where you can never really understand how to truly navigate it. To try to do the best to communicate both ways. Definitely I couldn’t ask for any better.”

Davis is expected to play again when the Bears take on the Commanders on Thursday Night Football.

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