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Denny Hamlin gets a pick-me-up from Michael JordanLook, let's be honest here: Nobody in NASCAR is flaming out faster right now than Denny Hamlin. Just one season removed from an eight-win triumph in which he was half a race from winning the Sprint Cup, Hamlin has looked adrift for much of the year, unable to run consistently even at the tracks he traditionally dominates ('sup, Pocono) and beset with problems both mechanical and managerial.

Hamlin now holds the wild card by the very edges of his fingernails; half a dozen drivers could bump him from the slot with a victory. And with ever-decreasing confidence that his cars will end races the way they started -- all in one piece, still running -- Hamlin has to be concerned that even if he manages to make the Chase, he'll be a nonfactor: which is almost worse.

Fortunately, he's got some inspirational friends, like the dude in the photo above. Michael Jordan, whose logo Hamlin now sports on his firesuit, has become something of a NASCAR fan due to Hamlin, and after the race sent him this lovely motivational text:

Denny Hamlin gets a pick-me-up from Michael Jordan

Good thing Hamlin didn't accidentally tweet Jordan's number, huh? Anyway, if anyone can motivate you to run down a guy who's won five championships, it's a guy who's won six.

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