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Charlotte Motor Speedway to offer the ‘funnel bacakonator’ and Danica Patrick-inspired healthy menu items

Talk about a tale of two extremes.

Charlotte Motor Speedway has unveiled new concession items in advance of Saturday night's Bank of America 500 Sprint Cup race, including healthy options in the name of Danica Patrick and the "funnel bacakonator," which, yes, combines funnel cake and bacon.

"Danica Patrick's Fit Fuel Menu" will feature items like turkey and veggie burgers, fruit and vegetables, trail mix and healthy energy bars. Never mind that Patrick will actually be racing across the country in the Izod IndyCar Series season finale on Sunday, her final race as a full-time driver in the IndyCar Series.

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Across the country from the Danica menu, nutritionally speaking, there's the funnel bacakonator, which is a funnel cake covered in bacon pieces and strawberry and chocolate sauces. Chocolate and bacon? Sure. But strawberry and bacon? That may be a new one.

For those who think the idea of funnel cake and bacon is a bit much (who would think that?), the track will also offer a burger with pimento macaroni and cheese and crumbled pork rinds. Behold:

Charlotte Motor Speedway to offer the ‘funnel bacakonator’ and Danica Patrick-inspired healthy menu items

The guess here is that the line for the funnel bacakonator and the mac and cheese burger will be significantly longer than the line for the Danica-inspired food. You just don't go to a race for healthy food, even if it has Danica Patrick's name on it. Though I'm not sure anyone has ever gone to a race in the name of a bacon-topped funnel cake either.

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So how unhealthy are these behemoths? Based on some quick back-of-the-napkin estimates, we're putting the funnel bacakonator at 1,300 calories and 77 grams of fat, while the mac-and-cheeseburgers weigh in at an estimated 763 calories and 34 grams of fat apiece. Yep, polish off one each of these and you're done for the day, healthfully speaking. And you probably ought to jog a few laps around the track before you leave.

(Going to the race Saturday night? Tweet us or email us a picture if you choose to take on funnel bacakonator. We'd love to hear your reviews.)

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