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Have you joined us yet for one of our Yahoo! Sports race-day live chat extravaganzas? No? You're missing out, friend. You can join thousands of your fellow race aficionados in appreciating the glory that is a NASCAR race -- and smart-mouthing your way through it all. (Hey, we all have to survive Pocono together.)

Now, like any community, it's built up many traditions over time. Heck, we've even had one marriage proposal in there. But it can be daunting to newcomers. So we've prepared this handy guide for your perusal. Now, there's no need to ask who we're talking about when we mention that Vader got the Lucky Dale; you'll know exactly what we mean. And you'll also know why your comments aren't getting posted.

First, let's begin with nicknames that have been created in the chat:

Jimmie Johnson: Vader. The Dark Lord. The Evil Empire. And no, we don't hate him, but the name fits.
Brad Keselowski:
Jet Ski. Combination of his name and the way he drives.
Kurt Busch:
Urt. Arose from a typo.
Greg Biffle: Fiffle. Another typo. (We type a lot. We occasionally make mistakes.)
Matt Kenseth: Flatline. Because his personality is, uh, moderated.
Jamie McMurray: Zoolander. Because they both rock the frosted tips and the Blue Steel stare.
Sam Hornish Jr.: DWW. Short for "Dances With Walls," which should be self-explanatory.
Kevin Harvick: Cupcake. Just because.
Kyle Busch: Moobs. See here.
Steven Wallace: Mayhem, because of his tendency to cause same.
David Reutimann: The Franchise.
Clint Bowyer: Rawhide.
Jeff Burton: The Senator.

Now, a few ground rules:

There are a ton of you, and not many of us. Most chats only have one or two moderators and piles and piles of people. So be patient. We can put only about 1 of every 50 comments received. Oh, and whining about how we never post your comments? Yeah, that'll get you put right on the site ... and mocked mercilessly by everyone.

So how do I get in, smart guy? Be funny, be topical, be clever or be insightful. If you ask, "So what do you guys think of Danica?", that's probably not going to be a topic in the middle of a race. But if Sam Hornish Jr. smacks a cone and you can write a clever one-liner about that, or if you can add some insight about a particular track, that'll help your chances.

Yes, we'll tell you about Junior, and no, we don't hate him. Everybody wants to know about how Junior's doing throughout the race. We'll update you. And no, we don't have biases for/against him.

Hang around to the end. After the race is over, we try to get everyone in for the grand finale. So don't leave when the checkered flag waves. There'll be time to hang

So there you go. Get in the mix, have fun, and we'll see you in the chat!

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