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Fighting's all the rage these days, what with Kimbo Slice and MMA dominating the headlines and sending nervous over-40 types into fits of "what's happened to this country's sports?" So let's see what we can do to lower the bar over here in NASCARland, shall we?

Yes, it's the work week, but there's always time for a good 1am sports bar conversation. Today's topic: which NASCAR driver do you think you could beat up?

Here's the scene. You're sitting in your local pub, and you're mouthing off about how bad Kyle/Junior/Jeff Gordon sucks. (You know, just like you were commenting on The Marbles.) Lo and behold, who happens to hear you but the source of your scorn himself! He challenges you to a fight, right then and there among the cheese sticks and onion rings. And suddenly, you start to think that staying home and hiding behind an anonymous screen name wasn't such a bad idea after all ...

Anyway. If you had to choose your opponent, who would it be? And, of course, feel free to describe how it would go down in the comments section. Ready ... fight!

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