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Offseason? We don't see no stinkin' offseason! Why, it's only 89 days to Daytona! We've got to get moving and tidy up 2008! This week, we'll be ticking off the top moments of the year, in no particular order, and on Friday we'll let you decide on the finest NASCAR moment of 2008. Next up -- a moment that could easily have ranked as the worst of 2008.

The moment: Michael McDowell's wreck during qualifying in Texas in April

The deal: McDowell was whipping around the track but already looking a bit loose. And then he went into a turn way too fast, and ...

The ramifications: Every bit of whining about all the clunky safety additions to the Car of Tomorrow stopped instantly, because within a few moments of this wreck, McDowell was out of his car and talking to the media. Coherently, too.

The outcome: McDowell became an instant YouTube legend, but outside of that, this was the most noise he made all season. McDowell ended the year ranked 40th after running in 20 races, notching zero top 10s and two DNFs. Still, everybody's glad he's even running at all after that horror.

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