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So, ever wondered what it would be like to interview a NASCAR driver? Think you could do better than all the endless "How did you feel ... ?" questions? Guess what, friends -- now's your chance.

The fine folks at Armor All have set us up with a sweet little deal -- Tony Stewart his own bad self is going to answer six questions exclusively from Marbles readers. So here's your chance -- come up with some good questions in the comments below, and we'll pick the six best and send them on to Tony. And none of that "How pleased are you with Stewart-Haas" nonsense, either; he gets that stuff every day. Come up with something good!

This little affair is being brought to you by Armor-All, and we'll have more details on a special Tony Stewart/Marbles contest as well next week. For now, make sure you check out the Armor All sweepstakes website so you can get your chance to hang with Tony. Trust us, you'll probably be very safe with him. Probably.

For now, start thinking of some good questions to ask Smoke, and post them below. And please enjoy this latest video from Tony Stewart. See if you can get him to wash your car.

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