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Smoke fans -- of which I am one -- have a bit of a treat coming up later today. But this post is going to test the fandom of even the most devoted Tony Stewart supporter.

Two words: back waxing.

I'm a couple days late on this one, but it took me this long to get out of the fetal position. Seems Tony Stewart offered to get his back waxed if folks donated more than $100,000 to charity. Lo and behold, according to Sirius:

Operation Wax Smoke was a huge success, raising over $125,000 for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. DeLana & Kevin Harvick, and national motorsports correspondent Ford Martin joined Tony and Matt Yocum at an "undisclosed location" for a rip-roaring good time. There was no shortage of donations to hear Tony suffer throught the pain and indignity of having his famously-furry back waxed live on the air. It remains to be seen if the procedure will improve race times for the sleeker and more-aero Smoke.

Let me just say, on behalf of NASCAR nation: gggnnnnaaaaggghhh!

Click here for audio clips and photos from Operation Wax Smoke, if you dare. It looks like the waxers are holding black shag carpeting. Gah.

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