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No sport offers up a more bewildering array of souvenir crap memorabilia than NASCAR, and They Make It digs deep into the corners of the Internet to bring all that strangeness to light. Today: a NASCAR secret unveiled!

The item: The 2GB Jimmie Johnson SD Memory Card, $9.99 from Tiger Direct

The deal: Is this it? Have we stumbled upon the fabled secret to Jimmie Johnson's success? Is this memory chip the key to Johnson's relentless multiyear quest for dominating, skull-crushing victory? I say yes! I say we've uncovered the greatest scam in -- oh, wait, this is just a plain old memory chip where you can store pictures and documents and things like that.

Still, I'll bet if you could sync up this chip with the Jimmie Johnson USB flash drive, you too could be a three-time defending champion. Which doesn't explain how the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. chips work, but I'll leave that to your imagination and commenting skills.

The hat tip: Reader George Gard. Got some bizarre NASCARiana for us to check out? Write us at and we'll make ya famous.

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