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Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and wife Chandra, who have announced that they're expecting their first child. The littlest 48 fan is due sometime in July, which is right around the time that Jimmie usually starts his chase for the Chase. Will he be able to maintain his focus while changing diapers? Will the baby monitor be piped into his radio headset? Will the baby look like that trophy at right? We want to know, but we can't know!

So until then, we're left with this: Name Jimmie Johnson's Baby. We've offered up a few of our suggestions below; make your pick, and if the Johnsons pick it, you'll get to babysit the young'un at next year's Daytona 500. (Not really.) Anyway, get those baby-thinkin' caps on and see if you can beat:

Junior: Jimmie Johnson Junior? Sure, why not? Plus, triple-J would come out of the womb the most competitive Junior in NASCAR. Of course, if they name him "Junior Johnson," he'd be bootlegging juice boxes in preschool.

Bristol: Too Palin-esque, plus it sets a bad precedent -- Jimmie's never been able to master Bristol.

Brick: Considering when the baby's due, it's highly likely that Chandra could deliver in the Indianapolis infield. (Okay, not "highly" likely.) In honor of the Brickyard, why not call the kid "Brick"? It would honor Johnson's dominance in Indy, and as a bonus, there's always a career in certain kinds of film for a guy named "Brick Johnson."

Chase: Too cutesy by half, though it could work equally well for a boy or a girl.

Lowe: Just how far does that sponsorship contract extend? We may find out.

Chad: Um ... probably not.

Quad: Appropriate but kind of strange. Plus, what if Jimmie went on to win another title? That would mean that the baby's name should be ...

... Quint! Quint Johnson! It's perfect! Not just a baby's name, a rallying cry!

All right, your turn. What should the Johnsons name their little bundle of joy?

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