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That weeping and wailing you heard Saturday night was the clarion call of Fox and ESPN, bemoaning the loss of Danica Patrick from NASCAR for four months.

That celebrating and cheering you heard Saturday night was the ecstatic cry of a contingent of anti-Danica fans celebrating the absence of Danica Patrick from NASCAR for four months.

Who's right? Everybody is, of course. Danica landed in NASCAR with all the subtlety of a cinder block in a kiddie pool, and while you -- and you, and you, and you -- might just be sick of her already, there are plenty of people who aren't. But for the moment, you're going to have to cool your heels and wait until June for her return, because she's heading over to her regular gig. No, not GoDaddy Girl; IRL driver. You do remember she used to do that, right?

She started off well enough, navigating the horde of caffeine-addled ferrets that is the ARCA series. But then things went south in a hurry. She got taken out in Daytona, finished 31st in California, and got taken out again in Las Vegas.

So now it's time to assess her opening stint in NASCAR. Over at the mothership -- that would be Yahoo! Sports' NASCAR page -- Jay Hart gave Danica an Incomplete, seeing as how she crashed in two of her three Nationwide races. That seems about right; while she did appear overmatched at times, that doesn't make her much different from other backmarkers in the Nationwide series. Plus, she was lacking some of the basic technical skills -- crew chief Tony Eury Jr. was teaching her how to bump-draft in the middle of the Daytona race, for heaven's sake -- but that's the kind of stuff that can be learned.

Now, your take. What were your thoughts on Danica? Looking forward to more, or good riddance? Have your say ... but be nice. She's coming back in four months.


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