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Is this the longest running feud in NASCAR? Sure, it seems to cool down off the burners for weeks and months on end, but Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon sure don't like each other whenever they're near each other in the waning laps of a race.

As you remember from Martinsville, Kenseth got into turn three a little too hard while trying to clear Gordon. Kenseth shot up the track and Gordon made sure to give him a little bump to ensure that Kenseth's chances of winning were as scrubbed as his tires.

"The 17 got into the back of me," Gordon said after the race. "I made sure he wasn't going to win the race after that."

There's been a mantra about Matt Kenseth that's been repeated ad nauseum throughout his career that Kenseth races other drivers the way they race him. So if that's actually true, then Gordon struck first. So does that mean that Bristol in 2006 was the first shot?

When asked about the Martinsville incident on PRN's Garage Pass, Kenseth had this to say:

"He never likes the way I race him so I don't know. He's honestly taken me out of three top-three finishes now and he still went on to finish third. I barely bumped into him at Martinsville and got under him and tried to go for a win and I thought we were going to race side-by-side for the win on the last lap and instead he decided to wreck me and deliberately try to ruin my day. So, it's in the past and I'm just going to move on and just start over the next week. He's going to have to race how he wants to race and he's going to have his opinions and I'm going to have my opinions on things and we'll just go on from there."

Kenseth exacted revenge for the Bristol incident at Chicago three months later, so don't look for Matty Ice to make his move just yet. Given that he and Gordon have been able to carry this off and on for the last four years, what's another few months?

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