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We're in the quarterfinals of The Greatest Driver That Never Was tournament. Click here to see how the first round shook out -- almost all blowouts. The Ricky Bobby / Cole Trickle matchup is still live, and so's the Bo Duke / Stroker Ace tilt and the Lightning McQueen / Speed Racer duel.

Bristol Division Final: The Bandit (Smokey and the Bandit) vs. Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

This one could get ugly. The Bandit absolutely annihilated Maggie Peyton and Herbie by the greatest margin of any Round 1 matchup. Anakin Skywalker put old man Brewster Baker into the wall. I'm predicting a big Bandit win here ... how tough could Anakin be? He's just a kid, after all, it's not like he's got a heart of pure evil, right?

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