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Road courses are long, grueling affairs where everybody beats and bangs against one another for three-plus hours. And every so often, somebody boils over and loses it — and things turn ugly.

Boris Said finished Sunday's Sonoma race in eighth place; Tony Stewart finished ninth. But right after the race, Stewart piled into the side of Said's ride, causing about $15,000 in damage, according to Said's team.

Said's crew chief, Frank Stoddard, screamed at Stewart in the garage, calling him a "fat ..." ... well, it rhymes with "hockey puck," but it's not "hockey puck."

SB Nation's Jeff Gluck reports on what happened next. "He's a disrespectful jerk," Stoddard said. "The guy's got no respect. Never has, never will." Stoddard said that the Latitude 43 Motorsports team that fielded Said's 26 has only five full-time employees, painting the image of Stewart as a bully.   

"When the checkered flag is out, he needs to show respect," Stoddard said. "And he does not even know how to spell the word. OK? He never has. He runs over people after he's had a bad day."

Problem is, it may well have been Said who helped cause Stewart's "bad day." Gluck notes that Smoke's crew chief, Darian Grubb, indicated that Stoddard wasn't telling the full story. "They're racing us one race," Grubb said. "Road-course ringers. [Said] came in and knocked Tony out of the way, so Tony got him the next lap. That's road-course racing. They don't race every week. They don't understand the game."

We'd say this is another budding NASCAR rivalry, but since Stewart and Said probably won't cross paths until Watkins Glen, this one will probably fade quickly. A line or two from Stewart on the whole affair would clear things up, but chances are nothing is forthcoming.

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