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You may remember the story a couple weeks back where Robby Gordon got popped by a judge over the logo to his new energy drink "Speed" (far left), which the court decided was too close to the Specialized Bicycle Components logo (center. Duh.).

Gordon indicated in court filings that he had more than 2.4 million cans of the drink in the production cycle with the old logo, with almost half of that ready for sale. The loss of the revenue from those energy drinks would have sunk Gordon's team.

Well, salvation may be on the horizon. Speed has rolled out a new logo, depicted there at right, and it seems like both sides are close to a settlement. The new logo doesn't have that crossbar on the "S," and the bars are a bit more parallel, which is apparently enough to satisfy the court and Specialized.

So, looks like there'll be good news for Robby. Speed drinks are on the house, everybody!

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