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Sports photography generally isn't the most dangerous of occupations. Sure, you might get kicked by a random basketball player, or knocked over by a football player falling out of bounds, or slapped by a cranky baseball player, but in most cases, you're just kicking back snapping.

Unless, that is, you're a motorsports photographer, when the objects in your lens can very suddenly be closer than they appear. Witness the case of British photographer Andy Willsheer, who was happily firing away at the Pomona Raceway in California even as Steve Gasparelli's out-of-control dragster hurtled toward him. (Via Jalopnik.)

The photographic evidence of Willsheer's terrifying five seconds is below.

And here's some video of the crash:

Wow. Willsheer's got to be saying a few prayers, but chances are, he'll be right back out on the wall. Photographers are crazy like that.

The moment British photographer cheated death [Daily Mail Online]
Drag racing photographer has steel balls, death wish [Jalopnik]

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