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Okay, this one's a little dated, but I was trying to get some official audio on this and couldn't locate it, so I'm going with the, shall we say, "extralegal" version. This is from Martinsville, as Kurt Busch blows up at Roger Penske. Start listening for Urt about 55 seconds in, and ponder how he wasn't strangled immediately after getting out of his car:

Okay, granted, we're only seeing part of the picture here, but man, Kurt doesn't come off very well, does he? This incident, as you may have heard, set off a round of hand-wringing over whether driver audio ought to be made public. I'm of two minds -- it gives us greater insight into the driving process, but still doesn't allow much for secrecy or strategy. But as long as we've got the opportunity to hear drivers go off like this, I'm all for it. You?

(Hat tip: All Left Turns)

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From the Marbles

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