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Sunday evening was a historic one for NASCAR and the career of one Jimmie Johnson. Sure, Johnson won his third championship in a row, and that's nice and all. But more importantly, he demonstrated that beneath the cold blue steel of the 48 beats the heart of a true smartass. Witness this postrace exchange on SPEED between Johnson and host Jimmy Spencer:

Spencer: "Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but what's going to motivate you and, you know, your race team into 2009? I mean, you know, four in a row, but you know, how do you get it up? Explain to me how you do it."

Johnson: "Did you just ask me how I'm gonna get it up?"

It's true. Non-sponsor-sanctioned innuendo, live on television! Beautiful. Here, check it out for yourself:

(Thanks to FanHouse for the video.)

Friends, this is a landmark moment, and I sincerely hope Johnson takes advantage of it. Get off the corporate leash, Jimmie! Let that filthy, ever-so-slightly-non-PC mind roll, my friend! That's how you go from being a champion to being an icon.

It's a new era in NASCAR, a new era in the career of the #48. I hereby deem Jimbot 3000 deactivated. Long live Triple Johnson!

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