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We all have different ways of showing our loyalty to our favorite companies. Some of us wear their T-shirts, some of us write songs in their honor, some of us even get tattoos to brand ourselves forever with our corporate love.

But Jimmie Johnson, as he so often does, has gone and trumped us all. As reported first on Johnson's Twitter feed @DoubleJ48, the family has named his brand-new daughter Genevieve Marie. 

Genevieve Marie. Initials GM. As in "General Motors." Get where we're going now?

Yes, Johnson, who owns a Chevrolet dealership and drives a Chevy Impala that ends up in victory lane rather often, has — intentionally or not — named his daughter after his chosen auto manufacturer. Yes, this could be coincidence, but do you think Johnson does anything that's not planned down to the millisecond?

[Photos: See Jimmie Johnson’s laps around the track

Now, to be fair, Johnson's own Twitter said it was "purely coincidence" that Genevieve Marie and General Motors share initials. But it's one happy coincidence, wouldn't you say? The kid's already received several hundred million in government bailout funds.

All jokes aside, congrats to the Johnson family on its new arrival. (Here's a photo of the little beauty, by the way.) And in a few years, she can surely look forward to playing with her sibling. That child's name? Why, Lowe Kobalt, of course. 

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