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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has put his likeness on everything from pit lizard statues to chocolate bars, but here's an endorsement he probably could have done without: criminal fashion accessory. (Alert reader Mike S. found this story, and he also gets credit for the headline idea.)

Some guy robbed a Salt Lake City credit union on Friday wearing a Dale-Earnhardt Jr. t-shirt. (See the security footage there at right.) Apparently he just handed over a note and then walked off with the cash; Danny Ocean could learn a trick or two from this cat. He is described as being in his late 20s, about 5' 8" tall, skinny, with light brown hair -- which narrows it down to only about 90 percent of the populace of any given NASCAR race. Shouldn't be a problem at all to find him.

Of course, when he was preparing for the heist, the robber skated right past the first teller and had to back up to complete the robbery! Or, how about this -- he got there, but a guy in a Kyle Busch t-shirt had already cleaned the place out! Or, or, or ... as he was making the robbery, the teller was informing him that a guy wearing an Intimidator t-shirt was much better at this whole crime thing! Aw, man, I got a million of 'em!

Salt Lake police seek credit union robber [Salt Lake Tribune]

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