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You want attention for your event/TV show/website? There's only one person to call: Erin Andrews!

The ESPN reporter is guaranteed to draw eyeballs no matter what she's doing, and on Thursday, for the first time, she got rocketed around a NASCAR track -- Atlanta Motor Speedway -- courtesy of fellow ESPN analyst Dale Jarrett.

"I’ve been to probably the biggest events in all of sports – the Super Bowl, both college championships and the World Series – but I have never been to a NASCAR race," she said. (The horror!) And, like everyone who visits a track for the first time, she came away impressed. 

Jarrett, who has a win at Atlanta on his resume, took a newly-firesuited Andrews out on the track for a few laps. ("How fast did we go?" Andrews asked. "170 mph," Jarrett responded. "We went 185," Andrews insisted.) And afterward, Andrews had seen the proverbial light:


"I was telling Dale as soon as he could hear me, this gave me such a different perspective and so much respect for these guys do," she said. "I was just on a track by myself [with Dale] and I was [laughing] like a little kid. I can’t imagine all the other cars being on the track and trying to worry about passing them, maintaining position and winning the thing and don’t hit them or the wall. This was one heck of an experience. I can’t imagine doing it with other drivers on the track and it really opened my eyes. I have always had respect for these people, but now it’s different and this was amazing."

Here's video of America's Sideline Princess doing some high-speed cruising:

All right, AMS: your next challenge is getting Justin Bieber in a car. That'll bring a whole new wave of interest!

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