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Nothing says Vegas like excess, and nothing says excess like a two-foot, six-pound burrito, the newest offering at the Sahara Casino's NASCAR Cafe.

Think about that for a second. Two feet. Six pounds. That burrito, nicknamed "The Bomb," is the size of a newborn infant. And if that in itself is not enough to put you off your lunch, the reward for finishing this behemoth is free, unlimited rides on the Sahara's Speed roller coaster, which runs in both forward and reverse. Yep, just imagine gorging yourself on six pounds of meat, cheese and tortilla and then taking a pleasant little postmeal ride on this:

Urk. I think I've got to excuse myself right now.

Feel like clearing out two weeks' worth of food and taking the challenge? Bravo, friend. It's only $19.95 for the beast. Be forewarned, though, there's a catch. If you take the challenge and fail, you've got to get your picture taken with a tiny pink t-shirt that reads "Weenie." Of course, there's probably nothing then to stop you from heaving your guts out anyway.

Ah, America. We do love thee.

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